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   David Pannell


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Professor of Agricultural & Resource Economics in the UWA School of Agriculture and Environment

Director, Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy

University of Western Australia   Mail: MO89, UWA, Perth WA 6009, Australia

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       Centre for Environ Econs & Policy

       INFFER (Investment Framework for
                  Environmental Resources)

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                  Outcome Prediction Tool)

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Polyakov, M., Fogarty, J., Zhang, F., Pandit, R. and Pannell, D. (2016). The value of restoring urban drains to living streams, Water Resources and Economics (forthcoming). Journal web site

Thamo, T., Addai, D., Pannell, D.J., Robertson, M.J., Thomas, D.T. and Young, J.M. (2016). Climate change impacts and farm-level adaptation: economic analysis of a mixed cropping-livestock system, Agricultural Systems 150, 99-108. Journal web site

MOOC (free online course)

I present a six-week course on "Agriculture, Economics and Nature" at It is now running and accepting enrollments. Go to the course web site at To enrol, sign up to Coursera (if you haven't already) and then click "Enrol" on the course page.





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