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No. 83, 24 July 2006

"Water Resource Policy" workshop

Deb Peterson and I have organised a pre-conference workshop on water resource policy for the coming conference of the International Association of Agricultural Economists. It will be on 12 August 2006. Here is an ad for the workshop.

IAAE 2006 Preconference Workshop

Water Resource Policy

Water resources are high on the resource policy agenda throughout the world. There is a wide range of policy problems that governments continue to struggle with. This workshop brings together an outstanding program of international speakers to address some of the key policy issues in water resources around the world. Themes to be addressed include: water trading and prices; water and China (a joint session with the China workshop); water quality and environmental issues; and institutional arrangements. The workshop will include discussions by a panel of water experts. The workshop should be of value to policy makers and major water-resource users, as well as to economic researchers.

Date: Saturday 12 August 2006

Venue: Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Gold Coast Hwy, Broadbeach.

Registration: register online or download printable registration form at









Welcome and Introduction

Deborah Peterson (Productivity Commission)



Water Trading and Prices

Chair: Donna Brennan (REAP Research)



Groundwater Irrigation in North India: Institutions and Markets

J.V. Meenakshi (IFPRI, HarvestPlus)



Questions and Discussion




Water Trading and Brokerage Mechanisms for Developing Countries

Mark Rosegrant (IFPRI)



Questions and Discussion




Water Trading in New Zealand – Theory, Practice and Potential

Irene Parminter (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, New Zealand)



Questions and Discussion








Water and China

Chair: Neil Byron (Productivity Commission)



Evolution of China’s Water Management—Overview

Jinxia Wang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)



Is China Exploiting Its Groundwater Resources?  An Analysis of the Demand for Water

Richard Howitt (UC Davis)



Improving Allocative Water Efficiency in the Yellow River Basin, Northern China: A Study of Water Trade and the Return to Water Rights

Anna Heaney (ABARE)




Qin Fu (Chinese Academy of Agric. Sciences)




Zhanyi Gao (Ministry Water Resources, China)




Noel Gollehon (US Department of Agriculture)



General Discussion








Remarks from Malcolm Thompson for the premier sponsor, National Water Commission



Water Quality and Environmental Issues

Chair: Malcolm Thompson (NWC)



Environmental flows

John Quiggin (U Queensland)



Questions and Discussion




Salinity and Drainage Management in Irrigated Agriculture

Keith Knapp (UC Riverside)



Questions and Discussion




Protecting Water Quality

Dave Sunding (UC Berkeley)



Questions and Discussion








Institutional arrangements

Chair: David Pannell (Uni of Western Australia)



Economic aspects of infrastructure provision for rural water supply

Steve Beare (ABARE)



Questions and Discussion




Panel Discussion

Chair: Peter Cullen




David Zilberman (UC Berkeley)
Wendy Craik (CEO of Murray-Darling Basin Commission)
Wilfrid Legg (OECD)
Siwa Msangi (IFPRI)



General Discussion




Rapporteur: Mike Young (CSIRO Land and Water)







David Pannell, The University of Western Australia,

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