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No. 63, 1 August 2005


This is to advertise a pretty neat database available on the internet that I don't think has had as much publicity or use as it might have. Here is a description taken from the web site:

"AANRO is a knowledge base of bibliographic and research information on Australian agriculture and natural resource management.

The AANRO knowledge base contains about 200,000 detailed descriptions of research projects and publications on Australian agriculture and natural resources.

About 1,500 new research projects and 5,000 documents are added to the knowledge base each year. This core information is drawn from the primary industries, agriculture and natural resources government agencies across Australia.

AANRO also has a gateway to other key agriculture and natural resources websites."

Check it out at

David Pannell, The University of Western Australia,

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62.  SIF3: Salinity Investment Framework III  25 Jul 2005

64.  Compliance with Kyoto  8 Aug 2005

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